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.03 Achievements

There are some achievements have been done from 2007:

1. Visualizing and Querying Chinese Buddhist Biographies

The first system that combines TEI-xml with authority databases. The collections of hagio-biographies of eminent Buddhist monks and nuns are one of the most interesting sources for the study of Chinese Buddhism.

2. A Critical, Digital Edition of the Song gaoseng zhuan

The Song-Dynasty Collection of Biographies of Eminent Monks by collating the Taishō text with the Archives and Mausolea Department of Imperial Household Agency verson(supplement by Zojoji Song dynasty verson), Qisha(supplement by southern Yongle edition) and Siku Quanshu editions. There are apparatus 2,257 entries, identified 3,353 person names, 2,427 place names, and more then 6,200 notes in the end. It is a digitized version of the results of modern research.

3. Four Early Chan Texts from Dunhuang – A TEI-based Edition

The project treats four early Chan texts, two of which have an historical emphasis (Chuán fǎbǎo jì 傳法寶紀 and Léngqié shīzī jì 楞伽師資記), while the other two are mainly concerned with doctrine and practice (Xiūxīn yào lùn 修心要論 and Guānxīn lùn 觀心論).All of these have been a) facsimiles and diplomatic transcription, b) punctuated and annotated. There are 28 Dunhuang manuscripts with facsimiles, 12 are not. But all of 40 manuscripts have a parallel, punctuated and annotated edition. Expose the unaccepted early history of Chan in Buddhism Canon, and solve the problems such as the rarity of the originals, the damage of the materials, the identified of characters, and the usage/diachrony of the characters.(ISBN13:9789571722771)

4. Historical Social Network of Chinese Buddhism

The social network assembles, visualizes and disseminates social network data from biographies and lineage accounts. Currently, the network consists of c.16,500 persons connected by c.29,000 links covering a period of c.2000 years.

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